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Kinnegar WwTW

Northern Ireland Water
Design and Construction of a Treatment Works
2001 - Ongoing

Kinnegar WasteWater Treatment Works (WwTW) was the first Private Finance Initiative water project to be signed in Northern Ireland. Coastal Clearwater Ltd (CCWL), the Special Purpose Company set up for the project and in which Charles Brand has a 50% share, signed the contract with the Water Service to Design, Build, Finance and Operate the plan for 25 years.

The project included the design and construction of a treatment works catering for a population of in excess of 100,000. The site was an existing disposal works on the County Down coast. The new works required the upgrading of the existing plant to ensure compliance with EU discharge requirements. Thereafter CCWL were responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the plant for the remainder of the contract period. Financing for the project was 90% debt provided by Dresdner Bank and 10% equity from the sponsors. Payment is based on treatment of flow and Load (Suspended Solids and BOD) entering the plant with deductions across 36 parameters for non performance.

New works were carried out by Charles Brand and completed in 2000.

The plant has been operational from April 2000 and the concession will transfer to the Water Services Department at the end of the 25 year contract.

Coastal Industrial Ltd (CIL) was established to carry out the daily operation and maintenance of the Kinnegar Treatment Works. A joint venture between Charles Brand, and United Utilities Services Ltd, CIL operates the plant on a daily basis to ensure the plant meets the compliance standards in the Contract.

The company also has responsibility for the long term maintenance of the plant and for advising the client on the longer term refurbishments works required.

Operation and Maintenance of the new plant began in 2000 and CIL have a 25 year contract of the plant.

CIL is also responsible for the transport of treated sludge to the Water Service’s incinerator and screening and grit to disposal sites.


Kinnegar 1: Project Summary

  • Kinnegar WwTW: first and only PFI water project to be signed in NI
  • DBFO contract awarded to CCWL (50% owned by Lagan) for 25 year term
  • Treatment works to cater for population of 127,000
  • Full compliance with EU discharge requirements
  • Daily operation and maintenance carried out by Coastal Industrial
  • Works are complete and the plant has been operational from April 2000. The concession will transfer to the Water Services Department at the end of the contract.
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