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Multi Purpose Piling Rigs

Our range of Soilmec SR-75 and SR-95 Piling Rigs are self-erecting Rigs and come with the latest Tier IV Engine technology that adhere to the latest EU Directives on Emission Controls. As well as this, our Rigs full comply with the NRMM Regulations (Non-Road Mobile Machinery Regulations). Our oldest Piling Rig is just 3.5 years old.

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DMS - Drilling Mate System

Is a Piling Rig Telemetry Software System with the aim of providing both operator and Site Management with an active instrument to control and interact with the Piling Rig (sensors, safety devices, diesel engine, drilling parameters, etc.). The Telemetry is used as a tool that would allow the operator to manage both machine and production.

DMS is designed with the following innovative characteristics:

Remote control

All the data collected by the Piling Rig (drilling and concreting parameters) can be displayed and processed by a PC, in order to run Project reports, analyse production and processing, plan machine maintenance, etc.

DMS Manager enables to control DMS remotely via radio, GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi or satellite as if the operator were on board the machine. It is possible to visualize all the operation and machine parameters, map positions, and perform certain operations remotely as well as to provide support to the operator or scheduled maintenance.

Bespoke Piling Solutions

We offer a broad range of Piling and Ground Engineering Techniques to suit most ground conditions and civil engineering and building applications using CFA Piling, Rotary Bored Piling, Driven Steel Piling, Driven Precast Piling and Bored Displacement Piling.

Fabrication capability

We are able to manufacture, fabricate and repair and maintain our plant, equipment and tooling at our Pond Park Resource Facility near Belfast.

Innovative radio remote control system for tracking Piling Rigs

The radio remote control system is a hand-held unit with the ability to start up the engine, track the rig and also stop the engine. This innovative solution is particularly suitable during loading and offloading operations. The system removes the need for operators to access the cabin whilst the machine is on a low-loader, therefore eliminating the working at height issue. In addition, it enables the operator movement around the rig during the process to give the best visibility of the task in hand. The use of the Remote-Control System means that the working at height risk with previously required access and egress to the cabin has been completely eliminated, giving a safe system of work to the operator.

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