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FK Lowry coring to success in the “Granite City”

Aberdeen, Baird & Anchor Hospitals
6 Months

FK Lowry have recently completed a 6-month Piling Project in Aberdeen, Scotland for their key Client, Graham. FK Lowry successfully undertook the Design & Installation of Bearing Piles and Secant Bored Pile Retaining Walls for the new £160m, Baird & Anchor Hospitals on the site of the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in the West of the City.

On the Baird Hospital Site, FK Lowry installed a total of 392 linear metres of hard/firm secant bored pile retaining walls, and 577 large diameter rotary bored bearing piles. The Secant walls were constructed using a combination of 900mm diameter. CFA Primary Piles and 1000mm/900mm diameter Rotary Bored Secondary Piles to form the basement on the Project. The ground conditions could be described as made ground/fill overlying firm to stiff clays followed by strong to very strong granite bedrock.

In light of the anticipated rock strengths and the necessity to form up to 4m deep rock sockets, we engaged specialist supplier BAUER Equipment. The German Engineered tooling was sourced to provide us with more efficient drilling. Particularly when coring into the Granite Bedrock beneath the Site. The decision to procure the specialist tools was a huge success and we were delighted with the performance of the tooling
Adrian O'Rourke, Contracts Manager

FK Lowry mobilised two Soilmec SR-75’s and two SR-95 dual purpose piling rigs to the project. The Piling rigs were then serviced by the FKL Plant’s 90t Kobelco CKE900G Service Handling Crane.

FK Lowry also installed some 266 .450mm diameter CFA Bearing Piles for the Anchor Hospital on the Site. FK Lowry Piling continues its expansion into the region providing specialist ground engineering services to their clients across Scotland.

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