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John Gilpin & Garry Sturgeon Win FK Lowry’s Quarterly HSEQ Award

02 Apr 2024

FK Lowry’s John Gilpin & Garry Sturgeon have won the Companies Quarterly HSEQ Award. Our Quarterly HSEQ Awards were introduced to help promote FK Lowry’s positive health and safety culture and our ‘Stay Safe’ campaign.

Whilst attending training on Mecbo Tracked Agi Pump being delivered by Soilmec at our Pond Park facility, John noticed that the machine did not have a fire extinguisher fitted. Having an appropriate fire extinguisher readily available on larger items of plant helps reduce the risk to persons, and the asset, should a fire break out. John’s suggestion of fitting a fire extinguisher to all Mecbo Tracked Agi Pumps has been accepted by FKL Plant as being best practice and is worthy of reward. A great observation!

In that same period, whilst completing FK Lowry’s Pre-use Inspection regime on a 360˚ excavator provided for attendances by a client, Garry noticed that the LOLER Thorough Examination certificate did not match that provided for the machine. Garry raised this concern via the QR Code Safety Observation Report system and informed the Client. This find led to a revised Thorough Examination certificate being issued for the machine containing the correct serial number and providing traceability to the machine in use. Another excellent observation and many congratulations to both recipients. Pictured being presented with his Award is John Gilpin and HSEQ Manager, Alasdair Revie.

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