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Paving Equipment

FKL Plant has a Phoenix Roadstar 3000 Batching Plant available for hire. This plant has a hot storage facility capable of storing 120 Tonnes of mixed material, the plant is capable of producing 180 tonnes/hour of coated material.

The paving equipment available for hire at FKL plant includes:

  • VogeleSuper 1900-3i pavers (capable of laying up to 8m wide)
  • VogeleSuper 1803-3i pavers (capable of laying up to 6.5m wide)
  • VogeleSuper 1800-2 pavers

Our experienced staff have delivered and maintained our Asphalt paving equipment across the world, to countries including UK, Ireland, USA, and the Far East.

FKL Plant also has a wide variety of Asphalt Equipment for hire including:


  • Hamm HD90 rollers
  • Hamm HW90 rollers
  • Hamm GRW rollers
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